Post #2

What are my own expectations for blogging?

I created this blog at 2am on a Thursday night with my mind racing about X Y and Z and I had been thinking about doing this few a few weeks despite my original thoughts of blogging as I mentioned in the post before. So I thought maybe I should set some guide lines for myself to try and stay accountable before I start giving blurbs about my life.

Id like to try and post a few times a month if not once a week, look at me go twice in a few hours… off to a great start haha. I think if I try limit myself to a post a week id try and capture something creative and meaningful in the week rather than spam my every thought and memory I have every day. Which quite frankly I think id even be sick of by the end of the month, so to save myself and hopefully some future viewers the hassle of feeling spammed I’m going to try 1 post a week(ish).

Id also like to leave most of my personal views out of this and really just capture good, positive and heartfelt things/moments/memories I have going on or I so happen to capture. Im not trying to make myself famous by any means or try to get followers simply because I want people to watch what I’m doing, id rather just post almost for myself so I can look back on this and really relive the “Glory Days”

Lastly id like to also make a few different kind of posts, almost like different segments to my blog like the NEWS has. (Weather, News, Sports, Stocks) Im sure this isn’t something that most people would address and would simply just go with the flow or do it naturally. For example my older sister Emma is having a destination wedding later this year and I wouldn’t mind making a segment leading up to it and the experience itself.




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